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Hello! My name is Sarah Kim.

I picked up my first nib in 2013 and haven't been able to stop writing since. I enjoy using calligraphy and lettering to create beautiful pieces in celebration of different occasions and people. My faith plays a role in the way I try to interact with others and communicate my art. I aim to encourage others through the joy I receive from Jesus Christ. 

When I am not freelancing, I am pursuing a career in medical illustration. I will complete my Master's in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto by Spring 2016. I want to visualize important scientific and medical ideas in clear, compelling, and innovative ways. I have a heart for smart design, patient education, and mental health. Check out my professional website here

Other Facts:

  1. I'm an ENFJ. Apparently that means I'm overly idealistic and a little too sensitive ;) 
  2. Nothing beats cheese, from cheesy jokes to cheesy pasta. I'm thinking of naming my first daughter Brie.  
  3. I am almost always in the mood for '80s rock. 
  4. I've watched every single season of the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise since it aired in 2002 (I was ten years old)...
  5. I love hard working people. They are super attractive!! 
  6. I am self-diagnosed with a subset of trypophobia... *shudders*
  7. I worked four years in an anatomy lab preparing human cadavers. Nothing scares me now! 
  8. I have an obsession with KFC chicken skin. I will trade you my chicken for your skin. 
  9. My ideal date: walking hand-in-hand and exploring new streets and cities with a camera and a coffee. 
  10. I don't want to stay in Toronto forever but I don't know where I'll go yet. 

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